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  1. 10 Essential Photoshop Skills Everyone Should Know

    This eBook will help you to push past the initial learning curve of using Photoshop. You'll discover the power of Photoshop and begin to enjoy fine-tuning your photos for personal or commercial use.
    • An excellent resource for individuals trying to learn Photoshop
    • Step-by-step instruction of 10 essential Photoshop skills (plus a bonus one!)
    • Intimidated by the complexity of Photoshop? You won't be after learning theses basics
    • Before and after images clearly illustrate the power of this essentials tips
    • Bonus Section: Thoughts on Photoshopping Learn More
  2. 10 Principles Of Beautiful Photography

    Practical tips to improve your photography.
    • Get this eBook FREE by signing up for our newsletter below!
    • 15 Pages of beautiful images and text
    • 10 practical tips and explanations to improve your photography
    • Encouraging Must Read Bonus Section - Hope For Us All: The Decade Of The Artist
    • Beautiful landscape template design introduced with Composing the Photo Learn More
  3. Ambivert's Guide to Street Photography


    This book will help you better enjoy and understand street photography from both a technical and social perspective.

  4. Realize if you're an introvert, extrovert or ambivert
  5. Learn why street photography doesn't have rules
  6. How to think outside the introverted box
  7. Equipment to use as an ambiverted street photographer
  8. Learn about other street photographers like you
  9. Learn More
  • Big World Little Lens - The Complete Guide to iPhone Photography

    Included in this book are videos highlighting some of my favorite apps, 10 tips to improve your iPhone Photography, apps and workflow recommendations, gear suggestions, a Hipstamatic flash/film/lens comparison, and ways to send as well as extend your
    • Amaze all your Facebook friends with your new found creativity
    • Turn your iPhone into a loyal creative companion and never miss a moment again
    • Learn ten tips and tricks to easily enhance all your iPhone images
    • Be inspired by iPhone images from around the world, annotated with the apps that were used to make them Learn More
  • Boneyard

    This e-book contains over 60 full sized and zoomable light painted night images, shot in two separate aircraft graveyards, “The Secret Boneyard” and “Aviation Warehouse.”
    • Incredible light painted night photography.
    • Aviation subjects and secret locations that are rarely seen and photographed.
    • Aircraft like you've never seen them before.
    • 50+ images that are exclusive to this book.
    • 80+ pages. Learn More
  • Canon T3i Experience

    The guide covers basic camera functions and exposure concepts for those new to digital SLR photography, and explains more advanced camera controls and operations of the T3i / 600D.
    • Learn when and why to use the features, functions, and controls of your T3i / 600D to consistently create great images.
    • Take control of your autofocus system, exposure settings, and metering modes to capture sharp, well exposed images in any situation.
    • Go beyond Full Auto and Program modes and shoot in Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and Manual modes.
    • Understand how to incorporate Histograms, Exposure Compensation, Bracketing, and White Balance into the image taking process.
    • Canon T3i Experience is an 86 page illustrated ebook to help novice and intermediate dSLR photographers get the most from their T3i. Learn More
  • Catching The Fire

    No matter your skill level, this book will teach you to see fire performances in a new way, and capture them.
    • For any skill level these techniques will help you to get the best possible photographs from a fire performance.
    • From equipment used, to camera settings. Learn More
  • Composing The Photo: Creating Order From The Chaos BONUS

    In this book, Trey shows you his method for setting up your shot for great composition as well as using the crop tool in post processing to make your current and future images even more interesting and beautiful to the viewer.
    • A detailed how-to about composing photos
    • Countless examples of the how/when/why of setting up a shot on the scene
    • Post-processing: the how/when/why to crop your image for more meaning and power
    • Deep discussions on how viewers react to different compositions
    • There is an equal emphasis on composing landscapes and composing people
    • Many extra examples of people/object photography, how to choose the best photo from a “Spray and Pray”, and more sample Golden Ratio croppings.
    • 50 pages long Learn More
  • Conceptual Portraiture Volume 1

    Conceptual Portraiture walks you through the concept, posing, lighting, and detailed Photoshop post production for several unique images.
    • Concepts and poses discussed in detail to show how to quickly create interesting ideas
    • Over 50 Pages of step by step instructions, detailed set up and post processing
    • EXIF Data, Lighting Diagrams, and Photoshop Layer Diagrams are included for each image
    • Also included is an entire chapter on sharpening and detail extraction techniques
    • Detailed explanation of equipment used to create each shot Learn More
  • Copyright for Photographers


    Get introduced to U.S. copyright law and other legal issues facing photographers, such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the right of privacy, the right of publicity, licensing, and releases.

    • Written by a lawyer who does intellectual property law for a living
    • Will help you learn to avoid common legal pitfalls
    • Understandable (and in English)
    Learn More
  • Creative Landscape Photography II


    Learn to how to express your creativity in camera at the time of shooting.

    • Make better photographs in-camera – no need for post-production!
    • Learn how to express your creative ideas at the time of your exposure.
    • 95 pages of first hand knowledge.
    • Written by two internationally acclaimed photographers.
    • Learn how to make the most of the creative features of your digital SLR.
    • Learn More
  • Crowd Control

    Crowd Control takes an in-depth look at generating demand and eliciting curiosity in your creative work.
    • Find new ways to get the right people excited about you and your creative work
    • Start building meaningful connections that promote your creative venture
    • Self-promote without being self-promoting by leveraging the tools that fit your style
    • Create a networking environment that works for you and builds genuine interest
    • Run a successful event, big or small, that showcases your innovation and leadership Learn More
  • Diary Of A Body Painter

    Find out what it's like to be a body painter through Paul Roustan's own journeys in this interesting find.
    • Get first person insight into what it's like to be a body painter, an artist that paints art on people's skin
    • Includes some of the most candid experiences between the painter and subject
    • 75 visually stunning images complementing 27 diary entries that are certain to keep you entertained
    • Over 40 beautifully laid out pages
    Learn More
  • Diary of a Body Painter Prelude



    A free eBook about Paul Roustan's journeys as a body painter.
    • Get first person insight into what it's like to be a body painter, an artist that paints art on people's skin
    • Includes some of the most candid experiences between the painter and subject
    • Visually stunning images complementing diary entries that are certain to keep you entertained
    • A completely FREE ebook created just for you from the author of Diary of a Body Painter Learn More
  • Digital Castles: Photographic Illustration in Photoshop

    Tanya Rochat's unique talents displayed in her photography and matte paintings and how to create them for yourself.
    • Learn how to translate and build your dreams from idea to concept to photographic illustration
    • I take you through the process & workflow of two of my digital matte paintings using the same process I followed to win AIPP Australian Fine Art Photographer of the Year in 2010 using 100% photographic content.
    • Understand why perspective is so important
    • Learn how to use perspective lines & techniques in Photoshop
    • Improve your photography compositing by learning how to break down a photo into relevant elements Learn More
  • Dream Plan Go - Creating Mesmerizing Images on a Journey of a Lifetime

    This book was written to help you think of all the details that can get overlooked and can sabotage great photographic opportunities.
    • Research, prepare, and find a guide for a photographic expedition.
    • How to create compelling travel images.
    • Instantly elevate your photographic vision.
    • Photographing people of different cultures.
    • 55 pages of visual and informative content. Learn More
  • Einführung In HDR


    Dieser Kurs eignet sich perfekt für Anfänger in Sachen Fotografie, die gleich zu Beginn mit guten Bildern einsteigen wollen und sich nicht davor scheuen, etwas zu lernen. Aber er ist auch sehr gut für erfahrenere und sogar fortgeschrittene Fotografen, die ihre Fähigkeiten gerne mit neuen Techniken und Sichtweisen verbessern wollen.

    Tausende haben mithilfe dieses Kurses bereits gelernt, wie man schöne HDR-Fotos macht – und ich bin sicher, er kann auch Ihnen etwas beibringen! Denken Sie immer daran: Jeder kann es. Alles, was es braucht, ist ein kleines bisschen Neugier. Sie werden sich selbst innerhalb kurzer Zeit überraschen!

    Hinweis: Dieses eBook enthält dieselben Informationen wie Trey’s kostenloses HDR Tutorial, aber in Form eines wunderschönen eBooks, das Sie auch offline lesen können.

    Learn More
  • Essence of a Place


    A guide to using a shot list for capturing a more well-rounded portfolio of images from any destination.

    • Clear explanation of why you should be maintaining a shot list for each destination or subject.
    • Discover why a well-rounded set of images that more completely captures the essence of a place is essential.
    • Learn the importance of creating a cultural portrait that highlights the unique aspects and key identifying features of a destination.
    • 30 distinct categories of a shot list presented in alphabetical order for easy navigation.
    • Sample images by professional travel photographer Ralph Velasco from such destinations as India, Cuba, Morocco, Cambodia, Mexico, Egypt, Europe, the United States and others.
    • Behind the Scenes description of each image and what Ralph was thinking when he made the shot.
    • Have your friends and family asking you to see your photography, not the other way around.
    Learn More
  • Goals - The Philosophy and Science of Achieving Your Dreams

    This book will help you dream and will give you resources and tips for reaching all types of goals.
    • Comprehensive step-by-step guide for planning and achieving your dreams
    • Concise and research-supported-- no nonsense
    • Explains the symbiotic relationship between fulfillment and success Learn More
  • I | We - Scenes From The Big Picture

    A collection of some favorite photos and the sometimes soulful, often silly narrative that emerged in the course of their creation.
    • 104 gorgeously laid out pages, with 100 photographs and the mindflash stories that go with them.
    • Kick back, relax and sink into a world of stunningly beautiful photography. Think "favorite picture book", as you curl up by a cozy fire with a steaming mug of your favorite and most delicious beverage. Aaahhh.
    • Experience the kind of escape normally reserved for vacation - at your fingertips in your everyday world.
    • Take a moment to dream - to visit other worlds than your own - and imagine what YOUR best story could be. Learn More
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